Professionally designed sites which generate profit for our clients.


Acquire new leads with solid search engine strategies. 

Marketing PlanS

Build a clear path to success and increase sales. 

Sales Funnels

Sales systems to guide visitors from interest to purchase.

Fact: Digital Marketing is essential to business survival in 2020.

But often there are stumbling blocks and frustrations…

  • Your product is better, but the competition still sells more.
  • Your current website isn’t generating quality leads.
  • Do-It-Yourself marketing has very disappointing results.
  • No one has given you a clear set of actions to take.
  • You paid professional prices for amateur marketing work before.
  • Time and money is being wasted on solutions that do not work.

Fact: Our  #1 focus is to increase your profits.

Our customers know their account is in the hands of a professional. No anxiety required.

Save Money

Many marketing agencies sell their clients on costly and ineffective strategies.

The right partner only uses strategies that net the biggest bang for your budget dollars.

Reduce Risk

Mistakes made in online advertising can destroy a healthy business.

Working with a certified, educated, experienced pro replaces risk with reward.

Save Time

We understand every business person already wears too many hats.

Bringing in an experienced consultant puts precious time back in your work day.

Eliminate hassles

Creating a successful online presence doesn’t have to be stressful or confusing.

Proper planning with an expert guide takes the frustrations out of the process.  

Fact: Successful Digital Marketing is a Partnership.

That’s why PMT III has spent 21 years becoming a marketing technology partner you can trust. 

Years of Experience
Industry Certifications
Clients Helped
Web Developer Technologies

Our experience working with Susie was phenomenal from the onset. She took our barely functional website and turned it into a sales and lead generating asset.

For a company of our size, we needed to bring in an outside expert at digital marketing and SEO. Her ability to fill in the gaps for us and provide additional training has truly helped our business grow and even expand into new markets. We would recommend her services to anyone looking to find success for their business online.

Alecia Stoesz  JSR Electrical  

“Over the last two decades, it has been my great privilege to work on tech and marketing projects with some of the finest organizations in the world.” – Susie Geissler, Owner of PMT Three

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Interested in talking about your marketing?

1. Schedule A CAll

Book a no-pressure chat so we can learn more about your unique situation and business growth objectives.

2. Receive a Customized Plan

We craft a clear path for success using our specialized system of digital marketing.

3. Grow Your Revenue

Your ideal customer will find you online and choose you over competitors time and again.

Fact: Strong marketing can protect against an uncertain future.

The secret of success
You have Questions

Like us, you probably spend a lot of time thinking about how to grow and protect your company during times of upheaval.

Maybe those concerns occupy your thoughts during the morning commute, over lunch, paying bills, or at 3am when everyone else is asleep.

The answer should be easy, right? Just offer a great solution, at a fair price, with good customer service. 

The problem is the tricks and techniques which worked 2, 5, or 10 years ago won’t help you find success in 2021. If anything, not staying current may leave you in a riskier position than ever before.

You Aren’t Alone

We understand how frustrating it is to know your phone isn’t ringing because your competitors have a more effective online presence.

Maybe you made the investment in a website or online ads already, and never saw the results you were hoping for. No one should have to experience working with a marketing firm that is good at “geek speak” and fails to deliver.

We have AnSwers

That’s why we keep the process as straightforward as possible:

1. Schedule a no-pressure chat about your current business and goals for the future.

2. Receive a clear plan for how to attract the attention of your ideal customers online.

3. Watch your sales increase.

The Hidden Costs of Bad Marketing

Terrible Product + Terrible Marketing = 0
Amazing Product + Terrible Marketing = $
OK Product + So So Marketing = $$$$
Terrible Product + Great Marketing = $$$$$
Amazing Product + Amazing Marketing = $$$$$$$$$$$$+

If you are searching for a digital marketing firm that will obsess about your success as much as you do, let’s talk.